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 Mary Ann Liebert joins me in  extending to you our profound  thanks for a job well done.
 Harriet I. Matysko, BioConferences  Int'l Inc. 3rd Annual Pharmaceutical  Conference

 Your subject matter was  appropriate, informative and well  received. Mary  C. Massey,  Northrup Gruman

 You were the first guest I had in my  high school P.E. class. The girls  were so positive and felt so good  afterwards. Thank you. Ginger

 You are blessing to so many...
  Rev. Crystal Bujol

 Your self-publishing lecture info was  inspirational. Basia Conroy, Author


Some of Linda's Venues:

 Conferences & Expos:
 Natural Pharmaceutical  Conference, Arlington, VA
 Natural Pharmaceutical  Conference, Palm Springs, CA
 Whole Life Expo L.A., CA
 Whole Life Expo, San Francisco
 New Life Expo, NYC, NY
 Learning Annex San Diego
 Learning Annex Los Angeles
 Renew You Expo, Boston, MA
 Allergy/Asthma Expo NYC
 Vogue Theater Hollywood, CA
 Health /Fitness Expo, NJ
 Chiropractor Expo, Orlando FL
 LA Times Festival of Health
 HealthyLife.Net Live in L.A.!

 Murad Corporation
 Exxon Corp.
 Chevron Corp
 Northrup Gruman
 American Cancer Society


 U.C.L.A Harbor General
 S.I. University  Hospital, S.I.,
 Kaiser Permante Hospital, L.A.
 Hoag Hospital, San Diego
 Fern Ctr Hospital , San Gabriel
 U.C.L.A Harbor General
 Torrance Memorial Hospital

 Discussion Groups
 Discussion Group,Beverly Hills
 M.A.S.H. Long Beach, CA
 Mended Hearts San Diego, CA
 Good News Networking , M.B.
 Integrative Resources, S.I., NY
 CEFCA Asso, Culver City, CA
 SouthWest Manuscriptors
 Roxbury Discussion Group

 Senior Centers

 Sunset Hall Senior Center, L.A.
 Freda Mohr Senior Center, L.A.
 Senior Family Svcs, Hermosa
 Redondo Beach Health Fair

 Book Stores & Libraries
 Bodhi Tree Bookstore, L.A.
 Bretano's, Century City
 B. Dalton's, Manhattan Beach
 Borders Books, W. Hollywood
 Borders Books, Canoga Park
 Borders, Torrance
 Barnes & Noble, Long Beach
 Barnes & Noble, Costa Mesa
 Barnes & Noble,Marina del Rey
 Village Books, Pasadena
 Wiseman Bookstore Wayne,NJ
 Harmony Works Redondo, CA
 Alexandria II, Pasadena, CA
 East West Bookstore,  Sacramento, CA
 The Latest Thing, Costa Mesa

 The Path, Torrance, CA
 Manhattan Beach Library
 Redondo Beach Library

 Associations & Clubs
 El Segundo Kiwanis
 Rotary Club L.A., CA
 Saddleback High Club,
 Laguna Nigel, CA
 Professional Women's Org.  L.A., CA
 Optimist Club Sherman Oaks,
 Valencia Shriners, Valencia, CA
 NY Firemans Association


 CA State Fullerton, Fullerton
 Orange Coast College,
 Costa Mesa, CA
 FIT Design, Los Angeles

 Spiritual Centers

 Concepts Center Anaheim

 Relax  On Cloud Nine, S.I., NY

 Fitness Centers

 Health Concepts Fitness Ctr  Fairview, NJ
 Nautilus for Women, S.I., NY

 Yoga Connections M.B., CA

 Int'l Appearances:
 Belgrave Hall, Leister, England
 Empire Theater, Liverpool
 Tongue Hall, Preston, England


Health Topics

Help Yourself Heal   (General or on these specific topics: Chronic Fatigue, Arthritis, Cancer, Pain,
Length: 45 min - 1 hr                       Chemotherapy, Low Immune System or Headaches)     

Seminar Benefits:

  • Boost the Body Back to Health
  • Access the Mind-Body Connection
  • Minimize or Eliminate Symptoms
  • Learn visualization & why it works
Seminar Outline:

1. Why illness is a positive experience
2. How to balance your mind-body-spirit to "Live Now "
3. Why setting goals/expectations inhibits healing
4. Learn to access your mind-body connection
5. How the power of thinking positive affects healing
6. How Visualization Works
7. How to Prepare for a Visualization
8. Visualization
Natural Menopause Methods  Length: 45 min -1 hr 

Seminar Benefits:

  • Discover the Facts
  • Get Easy Methods to Treat Symptoms
  • Find Out How Visualization Can Help
  • Get Positive About Menopause


Seminar Outline:

1. Cultural History of Menopause
2. Differences between HRT, ERT and NRT therapies
3. Symptoms of Menopause (Hot Flashes, Emotional Stress
Urinary & Vaginal symptoms, Heavy/Irregular Periods, Osteoporosis
4. Healing Treatments for Menopause (Diet, Aromatherapy, Herbs, Vitamins & Supplements, Exercise, Visualization)
5. Learn How & Why Visualization Works
6. Visualization Demonstration
Manifest Your Perfect Body   Length: 45 min -1 hr                    

Seminar Benefits

  • Reach a Real Commitment
  • Get Motivated to Enjoy Exercise
  • Alter Emotional Ties to Eating
    Learn to Think Thin
  • Control Eating Habits
  • Overcome Limitations
Seminar Outline:

1. Four Types of Stress Cause Weight Gain
2. Six Steps to Losing Weight
3. 8 Keys to Weight Loss
4. The Mind-Body Connection & Balancing the Brain
5. The Power of Thinking Thin
6. How Visualization Works
7. How to Prepare for a Visualization
8. Visualization
Healing Circle   Length: 2-4 hours (dependent on group size)

Seminar Benefits:

  • Balance/Energize Your Mind-Body-Spirit
  • Help Accomplish Your Goals
  • Aid Problems Using P.E.P.
  • Help Stop Fear, Insecurity and Instability
  • Learn to Use Visualization

Seminar Outline:

1. Opening Healing Prayer and Blessing
2. Talk about the Power of Positive Thought & Intention
3. Identification of Individualized Intention
4. Seperation into Specific Intention Groups (physical, mental, emotional, spiritual)
5. Explanation of Group Colors, Directions & Chakras
6. Group Visualization Session
7. Individualized Energy Healing Session with Linda
8. Ending Prayer of Thanks & Blessing

Mind Topics

Stress Management    Length: 1 hr  

Seminar Benefits:

  • Learn How 4 types of Stress Effect You
  • Find out How to Cope with Fear and Change
  • Conquer "mental traps" that Promote Stress
  • Get the "1 minute" Method to Dispel Stress
  • Learn to Use your Mind-Body Connection
  • Explore How Visualization Reduces Stress

Seminar Outline:

1. Stress Today
2. Early Warning Signs of "too much" stress
3. The 4 types of Stress
4. Change, Fear and Stress
5. Positive Aspects of Change
6. Keys to Reducing the 4 Levels of Stress
7. Positive Thinking
8. The Mind-Body Connection & Balancing the Brain
9. The Importance of Focusing on the Moment
10. The Importance of Intention
11. Intuitive Visualization Methods

Help Yourself Emotionally Heal (General or these specific topics: Anger, Anxiety)  Length: 1 hr      

Seminar Benefits:

  • Boost Your Mind to Positive Health
  • Learn to Access the Mind-Body Connection
  • Minimize or Eliminate Negative Emotions
  • Learn About Visualization and Why it Works

Seminar Outline:

1. Why negative emotions are a positive experience
2. How to balance your mind-body-spirit to Live Now
3. Learn to access your mind-body connection
4. Discover the power of positive thinking
5. How Visualization Works
6. How to Prepare for a Visualization
7. Visualization

Self-Publishing & Conscious Business Topics

How to Self-Publish & Market Your Book      Length: 4 - 6 hrs.

Seminar Benefits:

  • Step by Step Instructions for Tools, Methods & Procedures
  • Maximize Success Potential and Minimize Effort
  • Save Research and Development Time
  • Formulate Workable Marketing Plans
  • Receive Valuable Industry Contacts

Seminar Outline:

1. Book Design
2. Your Customer Profile
3. Competition
4. Setting Up Your Company
5. Printing Your Book
6. Order Fulfillment
7. Book Reviews
8. Finding Your Market
9. Selling Your Book
10. Distribution
11. Publicity
12. Author Tours
13. Trade Shows
14. Trade Associations
15. Subsidiary Rights
16. Foreign Sales & Distribution

Feel Me, Know Me, Touch Me: Branding & the Internet      Length: 2 hrs.

Seminar Benefits:

• Discover Insider Secrets to Business Success
• Learn the Importance of Branding and How to Do it
• Explore the Real Ways to Market in an Internet World
• Find Out Why Sales is Service, Not a Dirty Word

Seminar Details:

A tongue-in-cheek, insightful evening on insider secrets to branding, marketing and sales. Discover how to use the internet and other proven tools to successfully optimize your Internet prescence to attract/maintain customers for business success.



Positive Energy in Action: Conscious Business Secrets   Length: 2 hrs

Seminar Benefits:

  • Discover the ethical business skills
  • Develop integrity tools
  • Learn management skills needed to start and maintain a successful business

Seminar Details:

Discover how to put positive energy into action. In this
presentation you will learn the importance of balance; why a successful business is about growth, change and committment; how to use positive persistence to overcome negative obstacles; why you need to reframe sales into service and the importance of branding; how connecting and not competing fosters success and how to walk your talk in truth, integrity and discernment to reach the highest vibration of positive energy in action.

Spirit Topics

Psychic Protection: Positive Energy, Positive Protection     Length: 3 hrs.

Seminar Benefits:

  • Discover hidden negative energy that is affecting you
  • Find out where negative energy comes from
  • Discover how & when to protect yourself from negative energy
  • Gain the tools you need to have a positive, happy and healthy life

Seminar Outline:

1. The Energy Essence
2. The Eleven Energy Zones
3. Universal Laws -How Energy Works
---15 minute Break---
4. The 8 Pitfalls-How You Unconsciously Keep Negative Energy
5. Positive Energy Tools
6. Positive Energy Protection Visualization

Many Faces of Psychic Ability - Workshop     Length:4 hrs.       
  • Learn about the Psychic Code of Ethics
  • Discover where psychic ability
    comes from and how it works
  • Find out about the17 distinct Psychic Abilities
  • Discover how each of our 5 senses have their own 6th sense
  • Find out about the 6 psychic abilities of channeling
  • Learn how to protect yourself from Negativity
  • Expand your own ability

Seminar Outline:

1. Discussion: Psychic Code of Ethics
2. Activity: Sign & Keep a Copy of the Psychic Code of Ethics
3. Discussion:Where do psychic abilities come from -inside and outside
4. Discussion: How Psychic Energy works
5. Break for Lunch
6. Activity: Film "Many Faces of Psychic Ability" (30 minutes)
7. Discussion: Questions & Answers Period
8. Break: 15 min
9. Discussion: What the 6th sense is for each of our 5 senses
10. Discussion: Channeling and its 6 associated psychic abilites
11. Discussion: How to Protect Yourself from Negativity
12. Activity: Energetic Transfer and Visualization: Expanding Psychic Ability

Group Psychic Readings  Minimum 10 people         Length: Dependent on number of people

Seminar Benefits:

  • Discover options to help you make decisions

Seminar Outline:

Using God-Based clairsentient, clairvoyanant, clairaudient and psychokinetic psychic abilities with energetic interpretation Linda will give individualized private readings for all group participants.

Hands-On Workshops

Guided Meditation Healing Circle at the Healing Light Meditaion Room
For more information Click Here
Group Weight Loss Hypnosis Workshop
For more information Click Here
Group Relationship Activation Workshop
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Psychic Development
Crystal Healing---Automatic Writing---Psychic Development---Psychic Protection---Teenage Psychic Wisdom
Arts & Crafts Self-Empowerment Workshops
Self-Design Your Future --- Create a Personal Positive Energy Shield

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