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Linda's Predictions for AUGUST - SEPTEMBER
(which may mean absolutely nothing)

Get ready because life is about to change. Will it go back to the good old days -- not quite--but -- common sense, values, ethics, morality and a live and let live attitude will be coming back. Media will continue to be unbelievable and people will continue to turn away from those spouting the same old rhetoric of divide and conquer -- not realizing we are entering an age of acceptance and coming together to actually conquer negativity and all the nonsense that the human race has evolved to. Time to kick that stuff to the curb and mass together to create a better world for all - not just the few.

The need to be adversary, to prove someone wrong, to be bitter, taciturn or just plain negative will now be met by people not engaging, with most just walking away. Leaving the energy flat with no engagement. People are tired of being lied to, not heard and will no longer fall for the games governments, politics and corporations are trying to play that put profit over people or cater to just a select small minority instead for the grander democracy of the many. These governments, politics and corporations are just negating themselves as they spin yarns to each other while the actual people try to continue their lives -- but rest assured change is in the air for these entities too. Small changes happening over the next 6 months and massive changes happening from March 2024 through January 2026. Balance is coming.

To navigate this time. Stay positive. Know that you will always have enough and that you are always in the right place, all of the time. If there is a lesson to be learned because you are uncomfortable in the place where you are - then learn it quickly and take action to reach your next level. Remember action moves the energy -- no action, though even that IS an action, keeps things as is -- but always remember when the time is right --take that action.

Housing prices will continue to go down but community action has to be taken about rents which are controlled by politics, big companies like Black Rock, construction companies and greedy landlords. People are suffering and noone is paying attention -- YET -- but they will. Although it will take some time for this terrible cycle to complete itself . Just know its at its peak and like everything, has a cycle. These high rents will be coming down albeit slowly.

Nature is starting to fight back so be nice to it. Appreciate the earth and all its treasures and please, please, please do your part to take care of it. Big companies are the culprits not individual humans for what is happening to Nature (and us) today . Countries are the culprits too. We have to watch our backs here in America because most of the brands we know and love are owned by foreign nationals, especially China. You will see that this will be an economic take over and the politicians are not watching out for this. Out of all the developed nations only America allows a foreign national to buy an American company whole and complete. Other countries require foreign nationals to have a partner from that country. America is used to doing this but they may be going to far this time -- They need to try to put some checks and balances into these buyouts -- and I mean for the people and not some politicians pocket. But no worries something will change soon and put this problem up close and personal and so directly in their face that change will have to occur.

We re in the rebalancing period in all areas of our lives...stocks and bonds, even commodities are too volatile now - unless you have the money to throw away. Whether we like it or not -- there's massive insider trading going on so unless you're in with the 'IN' crowd chances of the common man making any big money is negligible this time. Don't invest unless you can afford to lose the money. Try banking with credit unions rather than big banks and don't fall for the digital currency scam -- they'll track every dollar you make. Credit Unions now are the best bet since very few big banks are owned by Americans any more.

From now through December 31st start creating your plan of how you want your life to unfold, because 2024 begins some pivotal years towards the light, prosperity and abundance. So if you want to change jobs, start a business, retire, find a new love or rekindle an old one, have abundance then start planning for it now.

Healthwise -stay away from AI medical products and services -- they are not there yet and won't be for a long time. A.I. is making too many mistakes to trust it. But Big Pharma, Big Agra, medical insurance companies, hospitals and the western medical system in general are pushing for AI because they can cut down personnel and expenses to make more profit...It's never been more in your face that these systems are always putting Profit Over People - even in its own ranks. So stick to the safer alternative - natural medicine - it may take a little longer but it is cheaper and less invasive than Western Medicine in the long run. Although you do have to do your own research and realize that everybody's body is different - so act accordingly to your own body. Also remember you are what you think -- so stay positive, do healthy things for your body and think health and you will find yourself on the path to good health.

Right now it is time to get ready for the good times ahead - they are now in sight. Stay positive! Be happy and be kind to everyone and everything around you. Treat it all with respect.

-- Until next time...

Much Love & Light - Linda

Remember you are your own best psychic.
Trust your gut feel


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