Bird Symbols & Meanings
A bird can be viewed as a symbol. If a bird flies across your path or you see a bird in your dreams it has a meaning. Here are some of them.
Bird Meaning Bird Meaning
Blue Jay Adaptability Heron Self-Reliance
Canary Joy Hummingbird Joy
Cardinal Beauty Ostrich Justice
Chickadee Optimism Owl Wisdom
Chicken Fertility Peacock Universal Consciousness
Crane Long Life Pelican Sacrifice
Crow Messanger Pheasant Harmony
Hope, Peace
Quail Family
Duck (Tame) Marital Happiness Raven Shifting
Duck (Wild) Adventure Robin New Growth
Eagle Power Sea Gull Freedom
Falcon Strength Sparrow Companionship
Flamingo Grace Stork Philosophy
Goose (Tame) Quarrelsome Swan True Self
Goose (Snow) Fidelity Turkey Restlessness
Hawk Spiritual Awareness Vulture Fate



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