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Linda's Predictions for January - February...
(which may mean absolutely nothing)

Eyes wide open. We have now reached critical mass of having had enough and in some countries if they don't watch out there will be revolution for the freedoms they are trying to curtail. In the United States there will be just a shrug of shoulders as people stop complying with rules that make no sense or have no ending. People will be getting back to enjoying their lives. Although for some getting back out there, where your opinion and the opinion of your friends and family are not going to be the only ones you will hear anymore, will be a bit overwhelming. Critical thinking, common sense and Trust in God/Spirit took a nose dive for many people over the last 2 years. It's time to get out there and use those skills to reverse and replace that fear.

The opposite of fear is truth, trust, confidence, curiosity, courage, calmness…and the list goes on. Fear is the most negative emotion that you can have and it reeks havoc on your mind, body and spirit and it allows people to control you, whether knowingly or unknowingly. If you live in fear -- you are not free...nor positive...nor happy...nor contribute to the positive of the Consciousness that we are all a part of. Remember we all have an impact on that Consciousness so let's make it positive and not negative - for the greater good of all. You are NOT a ME. YOU ARE A WE. If you can't get out of fear for yourself at least try and do it for others.

The object this year IS to give up FEAR. Fear is only there to teach you how to get through it to reach your next step. If fear is holding you back or keeping you negative towards yourself and others it does not serve you well. Let it go and get back to believing in miracles, they are happening all around you - all the time. Grab on to one - they are waiting for you. Believe it.

Justice is peeking out of its blindfold and is aghast at what is happening. She's about to rip that blindfold off her eyes -- so be ready. Truth always prevails and it is prevailing now. Look to yourself for answers. Trust your gut feel. Do your own research and you will find any negativity and any supposed power that is supposed to be over you will just dissipate away. Power over you must be freely given to work. So stop giving your power away.

Bullies cannot stay in power if you no longer comply or listen to them. So take a stance for love, light, gratitude, hope and all the other positive emotions. Remember you have the choice in every moment whether you lean towards the positive or the negative -- and which do you think will make you feel good, help you heal, make you feel happy, connected and at peace? The positive ones of course - so just do it -- and stop preaching for or against anything. Remember your way is the only right way for you -NOT ANYBODY ELSE. So tone down the criticism and live and let live - No matter what it is, it really doesn't, and can't, effect you in ways you can't handle or God wouldn't put it in your path in the first place. There ARE NO SIDES - we are all one. So aim to get along - let go of your judgment and just use discernment for what is right for you - not anyone else - no matter what.

We are in a precarious place as the world tries to right itself from all these health and political honed unrest issues. There are a lot of hotspots that are going to be coming up in various parts of the world, as well as the jockeying of countries for positions of power. This might mean some aggressive actions but here in the United States over the next two months we will not be affected by these. Long term may be different and that rests within the power of our leaders who should be able to handle things - IF they stop micromanaging things that should have been dropped 8 months ago and start looking at the bigger issues that really does affect us that are happening now. The United States should be all right but if things don't change back to normal soon - and no we don't mean a NEW normal - then there will be many domestic skirmishes and unnecessary problems occurring from the mismanagement of trying to tear us apart rather than to unify us all. People have had enough - and they will not be pushed much further and pushing further could cause a tipping point in mid to late January. But no matter -truth wins.

Almost all areas of our lives will be as a small roller coaster ride over the next two months --which means -- the stock and bond market, finance, housing, careers, relationships. So instead of trying to steer your ship in one direction -- steer within the waves -- be fluid expect ups and downs and always be ready and aware of the opportunities given to you in the synchronicity of the moment. Take those opportunities and come March you will be ready for smooth sailing to reach that road of health, happiness and abundance. When in doubt ask for assistance from higher sources rather than earthbound people. There's plenty of help out there in the ethers - make sure its a positive source and let them help you if you are steeped in doubt or fear..

Despite everything - things ARE getting better. So steer your path wisely. Keep your feet rooted in the ground, your head in the clouds and stay balanced. Use your gut feel for information, don't think too much and you will be 99.95% right. Please stay united. Stand up for truth and freedom (using love, not negativity) because LOVE is still the strongest weapon of all -- Until next time...

Love & Light - Linda

Remember you are your own best psychic.
Trust your gut feel


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