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Linda's Predictions for October/November...
(which may mean absolutely nothing)

    Finally we should be getting some easement from all this craziness. Things are just beginning to tip more and more towards the positive. It will take a bit of time before sanity is restored but the scales are definitely tipping in favor of the Light. Take this time in October to mid November to start establishing positive plans. Don't worry about the gloom and doom that everyone is projecting - the silent energy of truth, integrity and doing what's right is meandering like smelling salts making people wake up to the possibility of opportunity. Where do you want to be? Be realistic. Look for ways to enjoy life more rather than just work, career and money.
   If currency is based on the love we give and the love we receive, than this life would be more like heaven - and that would be Heavenly. Don't groan. Love IS the currency of the other side. They'll be no fancy cars, clothes, mansions, or money on the other side. We are rated by the love we give and receive and the good work and service that we do for others and the planet - not just ourselves. So it is important in these times to know that we have a period of manifestation in which our dreams can be actualized - the catch is - come from the right place.
    By the end of November there will be a downturn in stocks and the housing market will just start inching down to become affordable again for the common man. Rents will stay about the same or start to slowly come down. Don't be surprised if some form of rent control comes about throughout the country. Housing prices will become more realistic, gentrification will not be successful and homelessness will start to subside although very, very slowly. Malls that are trying to reinvent themselves as 'experience' venues instead of just lowering the rent where everyone can make a fair profit and wage will not be successful. Greed has GOT to stop. People need to understand that enough is enough. You only wear one set of clothes at a time, drive one car at a time so get the best 1% but share that wealth with good paying jobs that people can live on rather than just stockpiling money for yourselves. Heaven is around the corner and payback is a bitch - so act accordingly. Remember you are on the other side a lot longer than you are here so - do the right thing.
    With taxes going higher, cost of goods getting higher and everyday living expenses from electric to gas to water getting higher - the old Girl Scout motto 'Be Prepared' applies. Remember we have lived in the trenches for so long that we got this. NO fear, no worry just our time to thrive - the 1% perhaps not so much. This is the time for their lessons as government cracks down with rules for the unruly.
    Love is so much in the air if you want a fulfilling relationship the energy is there for it. Get yourself out there - remember you do have to show up and don't hold back - the world needs love right now - in all forms. Remember in this life nothing is permanent so love freely with your heart and be prepared for changes at any time. Surf the waves of love - no matter what the ending love brings wonderful memories and energy to all. If its meant to stick it will with or without your help. So be kind to one another and feel the love with gratitude. Love can come in many forms - significant other, children, pets, family, friends - no one way of love is greater than another - at the core - love is LOVE- so enjoy it and don't put it in a box of illusions or delusions on what kind of love you need to be happy.
     Health is going to fluctuate because of all the pollutants in EVERYTHING! So stay as pure as you can by eating organic, drinking alkaline water, taking supplements, vitamins and herbs, getting enough rest and exercise. All these things boost your immune system - Don't give your health away to someone else - be proactive. Remember doctors work for you - you pay them and its not vice-versa. Pharmaceutical drugs - just say NO. In almost all cases they do more harm than good and there is ALWAYS a natural alternative - even if you have to search for it - just do it - if you want to really be healthy.   
    We will overcome all travesty and prosper in these next two months. FEEL. KNOW. TRUST. If you do this it without expectations you will be surprised at what will happen. We are together - as one - and nothing can beat us! Here's some Extra Special Love & Light! Take it into your heart and Prosper!

Remember you are your own best psychic.
Trust your gut feel!


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