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Linda's Predictions for DECEMBER - JANUARY
(which may mean absolutely nothing)

It is time to get out of your head and into your heart. Your mind can be overwhelmed with so many things happening and so much misinformation being generated - everywhere. The only way you can stay centered and fully get what is real truth, is by using your heart and gut feel intuition and trusting that - and only that. We are born with intuitive powers beyond what they want you to know. Our Aura's are electromagnetic that attracts, repels and helps us interpret what is coming in towards us. Our Chakras, which are mostly electrical, helps us process energy in the right way so that we do not have to get immersed in the outside negative peripheral stuff getting inside of us which can affect our body and it's immunity towards illness. You need to learn how to use these Psychic Antennas efficiently and effectively.

It may seem with all these wars and all this contention with political strife that many people are against each other. The opposite of that fact is true. Almost all people want a positive life and will repel the negative automatically. Don't be tricked by the advertiser and politically fed media and political figures. Most people are good. They don't want war and want a safe place to live, work, and be happy in their family and community. The reason I am talking about this now is because that sentiment, which is to be here for the greater good of all, has been growing for the last 20 years and it is preparing to become a volcano spewing forth positive energy to encircle the world in righteousness, comfort and brotherhood/sisterhood for one another.

But you must stay vigilant and don't buy into A.I. and rhetoric from the 1% who just wants to put profit over people. Be kind to one another. Use gratitude for what you have. Know, Feel and Trust that you will always be provided for no matter what. Know there are no mistakes just opportunities and if it is meant to happen for you it will come around again.-- these are a portion of the real truths that actually govern our spirits and our lives.

As I said last month things are still adjusting. Prices are and will continue to come down. Blackrock and other equity firms which are in the business and source of holding small business and people hostage...seems to be through with their residential and commercial real estate money game. Buying up homes and commercial property for cash and then renting it out for exorbitant prices. Why because they can...But over the next couple of months they are going to turn their eyes on Artificial Intelligence and Computer Centers -- so Big Tech guys -- get ready because they are coming for you. Be assured that power wants and begets more power -- until it finally implodes. Is that a prediction. YES. It won't happen overnight but they are on their way...The Killer Whales are going after the Sharks and Seals...and the people will be on the shore safely watching from the sidelines.

We are coming into a 2 year profitable phase for people in the Light. Understand this and stay positive -- things are truly working in your favor. Don't get distracted so you don't see what and who is really doing what...so that when your opportunity arises to get a house, change careers, welcome love interests into your life or foster health -- you will be in the know on how to work in the synchronicity of the moment to get not only what you need - but what you want. You won't even have to do anything but act. So it's very important to use positive thoughts, words and actions at this time. You need to be part of the Conscious solution - not part of the problem.

You are a fountain of creativity, abundance an Light so don't be afraid to stand up and use it. Just remember to think things through so that you do not do harm to others. Open up to see the full picture besides just yourselves. When the impact is positive for you and the greater good of all - things will be effortless for you. Enjoy the holidays - don't worry about money -- do things from your heart which is more valuable as a gift in the long run. I am praying for all of you and holding energetic space so Light can flood in for you and to you. So that you can get the help you need when you need it. Do not despair. Don't get depressed. We are in this together and if you are happy that makes me happy and the whole world hapby default. Take care of yourself, your family and others and most important balance giving and receiving so no karmic paybacks or debts are owed. You got this and I got you. Onward and upward as my friend would say!

-- Until next time...

Much Love & Light - Linda

Remember you are your own best psychic.
Trust your gut feel


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