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Linda's Predictions for September /October...
(which may mean absolutely nothing)

     Sticky, moving, pesky energy has been highlighting the last couple of weeks - just enough to be annoying and putting delays on projects and plans. No matter. Slow progress is still being made despite this energy. This energy will persist until mid September, and for some to the end of September and early October.
    You might find negative emotions overcoming you for minutes at a time...coming unexpectedly from no where, AND they are unique to whatever issue you are consciously (or subconsciously) not letting go of. Know then that this is really the time that if you do get any negative emotion (like anger or depression or sadness) look back to see where the source of it began and then learn to forgive and let it go...I mean Really...Let It Go.
    Now forgiving and letting go also means that it is the time for discernment. Clarify if these things/people are truly supportive to you or are they really taking you out of your true balance. Gaining clarity then act accordingly. In all things in life I have found that in any situation there are just 3 things that you can do - Add, Change or Delete. So make a decision to either add, change or delete something to make your life more balanced and positive. Now is the time to reevaluate taking care of yourself so that your future spirals brightly in Love & Light without false dreams and distractions. Just do it.
     If you do healing Light will come to support you and positive change will spiral towards you making you one step closer to your dreams and goals - IF - they are NOT self-serving and are for the greater good of all.
     About healing health issues - At this time strange aches, pains or illness may impact your health. If they are coming up, look to the emotional side of your life to find the cause. Then use natural healing methods to support your body. Make sure you feel, know and trust that you will get better and you will, even being healed completely. Again this is tied to add, change or deleting, forgiving and letting go of the negative emotions in your life. Do it and you will be healthier on all levels!
    Looking to add, change, delete a residence? Wait a bit longer if you can. I predict Real Estate housing prices will come down even more over the next two months. Want Money? Stocks will come up a tick, while bonds will remain steady. If you are working towards new ventures then new contacts will arrive sometime in September - but know most progress will be made in October and for large money deals - resolution of plans and ventures will probably start on or after January 2015.
   Looking for a move in your career? Things have already started to be put into place - so keep doing what you are doing and progress will show up in October - and if you are not doing something and really want it- start.
     There is some movement in the love area over these next two months. Your eyes will finally open to what, where and who you are (or should be) with. If you're tied into ego, power, security or money (either consciously or subconsciously) as the cornerstone of your relationship instead of pure, true unconditional love - then good luck to you. You'll realize and finally understand that this is not the way to happiness. Unfortunately you will find your relationship to be always lacking something. You may even have to wait until another lifetime to pay back this karmic debt that you both created for each other. However, if you have, or are open to, finding true unconditional love then you will find the next two months providing some unique opportunities for long-lasting happiness.
    My final words: Hold onto the Light, stay positive, forgive, let go, discern what is right for you and then these next two months will support you in surprising and innovative ways. Many blessings of Love & Light to you.

Remember you are your own best psychic.
Trust your gut feel!


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