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Linda's Predictions for July /August...
(which may mean absolutely nothing)

     Get ready, get Set...GO! By the time you read this - healing energy will already be enveloping and embracing everything and everyone on the planet. This is the time to grab some of that energy and face the negatives (past or present) and find a way to take an action to kick the negatives to the curb. Why? Because so much positive energy is coming - you just don't want (or need) anything to stand in the way of all that positive Light that can and WILL light up your life.
    I know there are people that say embrace your dark side but I don't buy into that. Light illuminates and overcomes dark. I believe THAT teaches us to always strive to be of and in the Light and veer towards the positive side. However - the choice is always ours. Negative view? Positive View?...Which will you choose? Which really makes you feel better? Well I choose the Positive side, the Love & Light side - which means I do not buy into the fears and negatives that the media, governments, businesses and traditional news spew out like regurgitated vomit. Let them keep it - I believe in the people. The caring. The good that is being accomplished every day, by so many people that you will probably never hear about. But it's happening - in every heart, in every community - all over the world. And its only going to get stronger. The Positive will survive. The Light IS overcoming dark. Believe in that and don't let the small stuff throw you.
    Want Abundance? Now is the time to clarify what Abundance means to you. But while doing this why not try taking OUT the word money, things that money will buy and the imagined power coming from money when you're thinking about abundance. What do you have left? By incorporating this new concept of Abundance into your life - you will probably find the things that are left are everlasting and not transient like the things that are associated with money - which after all is just an exchange medium. Another thing that you will find if you redefine abundance without the 'money' aspects is that surprisingly all the money that you need (not want) will automatically be available to you.
     With this healing Light coming in fast and furious it will take some time for changes to manifest for most of you who are looking to add, change or delete a career or love in your life. The people you meet now can certainly help but it may take until September, and for some maybe through December, to actually see, taste and touch the positive changes that come about in these areas. So don't be discouraged. Follow your heart and the synchronicity of the moment. They won't lead you astray.
     In healing health issues - the Light is very strong now. Feel, know and trust you will heal, take initiative, make an effort and you will get progressively better, if not even healed completely. Feel. Know. Trust.
    Looking for a change in residence? Wait a bit longer if you can. Real Estate housing prices will be starting to come down over the next two months - even commercial property will be taking a hit. Stocks and Bonds - well - they'll be stable and inch up just a little - but nothing to write home about. Check new ventures carefully and review contracts several times before you sign the dotted line.
   Finally don't buy into war mongering or negatives. Keep positive, hold onto the Light. Things are changing for the better so trust in that. Do something every day to share your Love and Kindness with someone or some thing so we add positive energy to the Light of Love. This way we become part of the solution in this Evolution to the Light.

Remember you are your own best psychic.
Trust your gut feel!


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