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Linda's Predictions for March /April...
(which may mean absolutely nothing)

     Moving, moving, moving. That's what the energy is doing. Ruffling up your negatives so you can face them and overcome them - and finally put them to rest. Wouldn't it be nice to get rid of that pesky negative emotion like greed, anger, envy, pride or ego? You can do it now as long as you face the cause head on and take an action to get rid of each one of them. You CAN do it.
    By 3rd week of March to mid-April you will feel a shift in positive energy all around you. Supporting you and giving you information in the synchronicity of the moment on where you are to be (or go) next.
    Although food costs, restaurants and utility bills will slightly rise - you will find that real estate prices have finally hit a plateau and will stay the same for awhile. Rents are starting to come down and will go down even further or stabilize in the coming months.
       Health unfortunately will be compromised with a lot of airborne allergens and pollutants resulting in more allergies than every before. Try homeopathic drops and herbs and you will be able to get through the next two months easier than those taking drugs. Drugs will NOT work and just exacerbate your problem because they are geared to the old strains of allergy causes and not the NEW STRAINS of GMO-pesticide laced plant pollens - which float around everywhere in the United States.
     Good news on the job front. New ways of working are becoming available - just don't get stuck thinking you can only do one thing. Keep your mind and heart open for opportunity - which may come in disguise - but it will come - so grab it when it reaches your door - and your new job or job enhancement may happen sooner than you think. Conditions are certainly opening up this Spring.

    Here's a hint for the next 2 months if negativity or fear shows up...Don't give in to it. It is an illusion and if you face it head on you may never even feel the actual negativity at all - it will never even come into fruition. It is time to change the way you think. You are perfect in every moment exactly by being who you are. We are all learning all the time and there will always be someone you think is better than you or lesser than you - until you realize - we are all perfect in what ever state we are in.      We are exactly who we are meant to be in every moment. Don't judge someone. That puts out negative energy. Use discernment to see if you should be around them - if you are not - limit contact with them or don't see them at all. It is most important to surround yourself with positive people that can nurture, support and help you grow and learn. These are the times when these new groups of people that you meet and/or come together with now - will come together time and time again over this lifetime to constantly help support each other.
    Try and get out more in nature and with groups of people. There are many things you can do that may not cost any money at all. Shared community is especially good right now for support, happiness and joy, Especially over the next two months. Look for ways in which YOU can make a difference, then go out and do it. Don't procrastinate - now is the time where you can give and get the most help for the next part of your life's journey. When in doubt remember Love is the Answer and Love is the Strongest Weapon of All.  
     When you hit an area of doubt over the next two months, and you will, stop and remember and do this action...Close your eyes. Breathe in deeply allowing the breath (which is filled with white light) to go to every cell in your body. As you exhale through your mouth, image this white light gathering all the negativity, from every cell in your body and expellng it out of your body. Do this as many times as you need too. Always end by imagining white light surrounding your body as a shield - protecting you from negativity. Smile, say thank you and you're done. Happy two months and Good Blessings to All!

Remember you are your own best psychic.
Trust your gut feel!


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