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Linda's Predictions for January /February...
(which may mean absolutely nothing)

     Welcome to a year of positive creation. This year you will have the ability to develop strength, determination and, yes, abundance AND affluence. There is a couple of catches though... 1) You must make sure that you are creating from a positive place. 2)Throughout your whole creation process to reality of your dreams you use only positive actions that benefit all. 3)Your dreams of abundance and affluence must be attached to your service of helping people or the planet (and not just be about you.) 4) You need to establish whatever you want to happen only with all positive emotions -- without any negative emotions (like greed, anger, envy, pride or ego).
    You know I have been telling you the 'ME' generation is over and it has started closing big-time. Remember it is about the WE and how we can be of service to each other and the planet. If you are stuck in wanting money for money's sake or for power...then you are starting a downward slide to nowhere, with wasted effort, frustration, worry and a slew of other negative emotions.
    Old ways of making money are changing. Try find new paradigms that support the health and benefit of people and the planet rather than large corporations. Buy from your local vendors to support your community. It is only in that community that we have any real power to make a difference these days. Share and give to each other so that we may all prosper for the right reasons. If it costs a little more to do this - do not worry - remember you have to spend money to get money - that IS the energy of money. Your normal investments like stocks and bonds this year will provide average or below average profits. In real estate - housing prices will come down since it is now evident that most people cannot afford houses in the larger cities which is the only places where you will find the larger percentage of jobs. Landlords and those associated in real estate who are greedy will find that their empires will be crumbling a little - with new taxes and ordinances being set in place by the end of the year.
       This year it is very important to move towards eating more organic and doing the right things for your body to maintain optimum health at all times. Be ever vigilant since large companies are getting into the organic movement big time and you may be getting GMO or compromised food under the manufacturers names of Organic Food that you have trusted for years. Many have sold out.
     If you are looking for work or a promotion this year - be creative this can and will happen, although you may have to take a lower positions and work your way up.   
    To truly get ahead this year, in any area, you will need to get out and connect with people - old and new. These people bring new ideas and connections. So make the effort. In addition anyone that is negative in your life, or is taking advantage of you for their own purposes without giving you anything back - forgive them and walk away. Do not waste your time or effort - Take back your own power because this year is all about positive energy for positive creation.
    The more positive you are and the more positive your environment and the more positive the people you are with, and the more positive your thoughts, feelings and actions, and the more you are committed to your service of helping people or the planet -- then the more positive your results will be - not just for you but for the greater good of all. So make sure you make a plan, work your plan and bottom line - feel, know and trust that you will get where you need to go no matter what - and you are on your way to a positive year of abundance, affluence and more importantly LIGHT and LOVE!
                    Good Blessings to you All!

Remember you are your own best psychic.
Trust your gut feel!


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