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Linda's Predictions for April/May...
(which may mean absolutely nothing)

    In April, try to come more from your spiritual side rather than your mental state. There is a quickening of events that may feel like the culmination of more negativity which will finally be starting to make its turn around in May. The pendulum is swinging finally in the right direction and by June you should see the turn towards the positive. There has been so much for us to put up with. This 'in your face','all about me' bullying from people in power. There has literally been little or no energy from them towards the people, animals or the planet itself. However there will be a reckoning and it is slowly coming. We must treat this time with eyes wide open, mind in positive balance and a deep spiritual connection for strength to endeavor.
    In such a short time we have seen the attempt of destruction of our true values, caring and giving foe almost all things of importance. But we must remain unafraid. We realize that we are represented by a Higher Power that has the true control over everything. So please don't worry - just watch as each day the 'Powers that Be' start to self-destruct. They will never have the capability to ever again pull the wool over our eyes because the truth will shine and prevail. Yes. Yes. It will continue to be a roller coaster but I believe the pendulum IS swinging back. All is on its way to be better than it ever was. So have faith and trust.
     Don't contribute to the negativity by buying into the drama that they create. It has no substance. Remember the only power someone has over you - is what you give them. So don't give away your power. They use fear to separate us. We are not separate. We are in this together. At the core of everyone (although I do agree some have to dig mighty deep to find that core) we all have the same needs. Take a look at this me generation -- most of the 1% are in the 'all about me' mode. It doesn't feel good - not even to them. So don't you buy into that 'all about me' paradigm. Just know we are being tested to maintain our spiritual, emotional and physical balance - no matter what. So - let's be about us. For the good of all the people. For the good of every thing on the planet. We can do this. We ARE doing this. There is hope because despite what they want you to think - there are more people about the 'us' and the 'we', then about the 'me'. That makes us incredibly strong and never, never doubt that strength.
     Instead of looking at our differences that escalate problems-- let's try and take a different approach - diffuse them. Give up your need to be right - you don't have to defend truth. Truth IS Truth and has no need to be justified. If someone doesn't get it, they have other things to learn before they do get it. Truth prevails and will not be denied. So don't waste your time trying to convince someone through heated discussion, screaming matches or harsh words. Just say 'thank you' to them or 'you're right'. Just diffuse the situation. They may think they have won, but you know that you ARE thankful that they reminded you that you don't have to waste your energy. This way you are helping the situation by letting go of the drama and getting back to the positive more quickly. Then you are truly in the Light. Breathe that Light in. Remember they are always right for themselves - and you don't HAVE to be right for them.
    March is an incredulous month with things flying around so fast you may not think you can keep up. Now in April...well that's going to begin to help purge this abomination that has beset us on all levels for so long. We will start to be in an uplifting flow - but make no mistake...the old paradigms are collapsing so make sure you watch your finances carefully. That stock market may not be a good choice come June and if you are with the big banks - now may be the time to put your money in a credit union - in which you own the shares - not some bankers. In addition you will start to see real estate and housing start to come down. This bubble is about to burst. It will take awhile but it will start to happen.
    Your health is going to become a priority as more chemicals get thrown at us in our food, land, water and air. Build up your immune systems as much as you can. Also planetary influences will be hitting us in different waves over the next couple of months. There also secret sound wave testing going on with different high pitch frequencies that may make you feel a little uneasy. Plus a lot more electromagnetic energy than we are used to will be thrown at us in spurts - not as bad as it could be because WiFi and cell phones throw out a good amount of this energy already and has gotten our bodies somewhat ready for this. In addition to all this the Earth will show it's energy magnificently in the next upcoming months. She will start fighting back at those that want to control its energy - like geo engineering the weather with their toxic chem trails and the poisoning of its water and soil. Just understand that the Earth understands your individual energy so be positive and of the Light, don't buy into the fear - all will be well.
    Now despite all that is going on -- this is a great time for love. New relationships and reaffirming love if you are already in a relationship will be affluent in May. So its time to let your love light shine to attract and keep love around you - almost effortlessly. Keep your eyes open so you can recognize it when it comes. So many walk of us around in an unconnected state, actually shutting people out without smiling or looking someone in the eye. Open your eyes and your heart - this is a great time for love.
    Let us be our brother and sister's keeper now. Let us live a life of grace and gratitude. Lend a helping hand if and when you can. Put the worries on the back burner and understand you are provided for in every moment. April and May are months where you can finally release those negative behavior patterns--even those that have been around a long time. So take the time to nurture yourself. To be kind to yourself. To forgive yourself and do a little bit better every day and finally get ready to smile - the pendulum is swinging back to goodness and Light. That IS something to celebrate! With Love & Light - Linda

Remember you are your own best psychic.
Trust your gut feel!


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