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Linda's Predictions for September/October...
(which may mean absolutely nothing)

New changes towards the consciousness of the connection of all humanity will be flowing to all of us later on in the month. A steady flow of electromagnetic energy pulling people towards truth. Let's hope we all jump on that train of integrity sooner rather than later, so we can finally usurp the negative energy and the people who have held back the love and light for all things on this planet by their greed and power. If you are stuck in ego about what you think you deserve or stuck in greed and only think about making money, or just want power to overcome your impotence of feeling important than my advice to you is to figure it out and let it go. Really... haven't you wasted enough of your life in pursuit of satisfying your ego or thinking you deserve things? What has that done for you in the long run...I know it hasn't made you happy or fulfilled you. It's just kept you in negativity - all based on false assumptions.

To successfully board this train of integrity and truth towards everlasting happiness you also need to let go of the last residual effect of fear. I mean let's think about it. All fear comes from the fear of lack, loss or the fear of death. Everything on this earth is transient so you can't keep it forever because you won't be here forever. So be happy and grateful for what you do have in your life in each moment. You really do not lack anything if you live in the moment - and really that is all you truly have - so stop living in the past or future and live in the now. As for fear of death - there IS life after death just not in the form we have now so don't fear it - death is not the end.

You'll get many chances to board that train towards happiness throughout September and October...but just rid yourself of negative thoughts. In each moment YOU have the choice on how you feel the energy. Choose joy. Each and every moment train yourself to choose joy. Not the joy of things, not the fear of lack, loss or death - just joy in the moment. Once you do, your frequency will shift towards that electromagnetic energy coming in and will lift you to a higher place - no matter what. Just keep practicing and doing it. Guaranteed it will work. Then you will begin to see the synchronicity of the moment and if you take the action in that moment - the job you want, the love you want, the health you want the abundance you want - they will all start to manifest - giving you what you need - and isn't that really all we truly need?

Changes will be coming on all fronts. Power structures that rule will start to erode. Truth is seeping out in all areas - all around the world and people will not be fooled any more. Don't let negative media sway you into thinking things are hopeless or not changing. Just remember our outside casings may be different but we all have the capacity for connecting with Love and Light. Let us heal ourselves these next two months. Let us let in the joy. If something bothers you as the old systems corrupt and destroy themselves - choose joy - send them love and light energy for as Jesus once said, 'They know not what they do." Truly they don't - they are just caught up in ego and are clueless. The masses are aware and as long as we stay in evolution, not revolution, our energy will connect and we can change the world to a better place. Let's do it together. Right now. Choose joy. If things are happening flow with it...think of it as an adventure...We all have a purpose to serve each other and the planet. A higher frequency... than just what we 'want'...You will be taken care of -so plan to jump on that train to happiness, Just do it!

Remember you are your own best psychic.
Trust your gut feel!


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