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Linda's Predictions for May /June...
(which may mean absolutely nothing)

Turn around and it's May! Things are moving so fast these days the months seem to end before they've begun. So what is the lesson here? There's not too much time to be thinking - before you better be doing. Here's some hints on how to accomplish things in these times better, faster, greater so you CAN reach your goals.

1) Live in the Moment. Make a detailed plan of what you want to accomplish and then put it away so you can...

2)grab the synchronicity of the moment when the things you need and want start manifesting towards you. Then,

3)Use your gut feel (it will be right 99% of the time) with your truth meter (you DO know what that is) so you can make a decision and take an action.

Hint:Doing nothing IS a decision. If you are not getting any hit with your gut feel or truth meter - let go and wait for synchronicity to come around again. If it's meant to happen -it will. So stay positive and Live in the Moment.
Keep taking care of your health through May. Chem trails and their airborne pollutants will result in more respiratory and allergy symptoms than every before. Although digestive problems still abound, overall health should be getting better - but remember exercise is key - no matter what - get out 3 times a week and DO something. You'll feel better and look better too!

Many of you have been getting more job prospects and jobs - so if you have been unemployed you may want to start looking for a new job now through the end of June. If you want to change positions or careers then you can also make your move during May and June because signs are positively auspicious now for career and money.
Love is in the air and over the next two months most of you that are looking for love can find opportunities. Will it be 'the ONE'? Possibly but here is one area you don't want to rush, at this time. Take it easy. Savor the moments and if you are not doing something to attract love towards you and you really want it in your life - please do so. Word of caution here though - If you are looking for love - do it honorably. Make sure your old relationships are taken care of - otherwise the one you meet, who may be the right one, may not appear or if they do - they will melt away fast - leaving you more lonely than before. So make sure when you are in love, no matter what, you are always in truth, integrity and please jump out of 'the me' perspective. Look at 'the we' if you want to make it work. Truly...the ME generation is over and if you are still stuck in the 'what's in it for me and my pleasure' rut and if you are not coming from unconditional love you will get the same back - unfulfilled love and desire. Why waste the time when you can have a love with the purity of ongoing bliss and union.

On a global level you are going to see evidence of the systems that are no longer working breaking down. It will be disturbing but understand we are at a pivot point and going towards a place of balance and peace. Equality, although these days terribly unequal, is actually getting a bit more balanced - we will be seeing positive results over the next 5 years- all along the way and in all areas. So grin and bear it - because the circumstances of people in the Light ARE getting better each day. Feel, know and trust this and changes that occur, which are ALWAYS in your best interest, will be a breeze and not like the upheaving turmoil of the past. Guaranteed! So embrace change with a smile. Much Love & Light to You!

Remember you are your own best psychic.
Trust your gut feel!


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