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Linda's Predictions for July /August...
(which may mean absolutely nothing)

The year is speeding by faster than Superman. It seems we just have a moment to breathe when something new comes dancing its way to our table. But not to worry. A lot of things that will be happening over the next two months may not require your immediate action. In fact, somehow, someway and in most times these issues will resolve themselves with little or NO action on your part. So be a witness to the process and really determine if action is the right thing to do - and trust your gut feel. The only thing you do have to take IMMEDIATE action on are your triggers for anger or any negative emotions. This is the time to explore them and do something about them (like how about letting go or forgiveness?) so that you can finally be rid of them for good. Then you'll in a much more positive state most of the time. This is important because the more positive we are the more in balance we'll stay in these upcoming times - no matter what happens.

Yes, there will be things from all areas tempting you with sensationalism, corruption, controversy, etc. All so you lose your cool and get negative - they need the negative energy to sway you away from the real issues so they can get their agendas done - so please don't give them any negative energy. Stay positive. Don't...DON'T get caught up in the drama. It is drama you know..for God IS in control and really things are coming into great alignment for the best possible world to come about - so don't sweat the small stuff. Do what's right, stay positive and walk your talk and things will be just fine for you. Over the next two months whatever you want can be worked towards and come into fruition from September through January. The job market is going to start opening up so if you want to get a job, change jobs or get a promotion pay attention to what's going on and when the moment is right do not hesitate just go for it. So over the next couple of months focus exactly on what you want and do the necessary steps to get the credentials or knowledge required to back up your dream, so you can make it a reality.

Magic's in the air so financial gain can be manifested if you are coming from the right place and doing the right thing. The bond market will remain pretty steady as commodities and the stock market go down, with just a couple of exceptions until September. Health issues keep as organic and drug free as possible and that means pharmaceutical AND recreational drugs. It is going to be a fun two months so make sure you are eating right, exercising and getting enough sleep.

If you want love...well Romance is in the air. Make sure you don't need someone or have a conditional laundry list of qualities that someone must have. Be free. Be flexible. It's okay to want someone, need puts true love in a completely different category. Be careful of that, please. Just feel, know and trust that the right one will appear and there is a very good chance they will in these next two months. If you want to improve the relationship you have - make sure you are looking at it from the perspective of what it really is and not on what YOU think it is. Jump in that other person's shoes and look at it from that angle. Communication IS the key to improve or get a relationship you have back on track.

Changes are coming. Be fluid like water and always coming from a place of peace, oneness and in balance with your own power. Flow nicely most of the time; however be like a tidal wave towards lies and injustice. Don't let anybody say you don't have power - because you do. You have the power of choice so make sure you are putting your love, energy, action and support towards the positive. Don't squander your power because it counts for us all. Much Love & Light to You over the Next Two Months!

Remember you are your own best psychic.
Trust your gut feel!


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