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Linda's Predictions for July/August...
(which may mean absolutely nothing)

    Fifth Dimension here we are...and I don't mean the singing group...although I did enjoy them immensely back in the day - 'Age of Aquarius' and all that. The Earth and all beings have moved into 5-D consciousness. So if you are feeling differently you are not alone. Lots of he lingering old stuff is coming up isn't it? That's so you can finally deal with it once and for all. Just embrace the change and do what you are supposed to do. Don't tell me you don't know what that is - just trust your truth meter (hint: your gut feel). Get out of the 'lack of' or negative mentality. Kick fear to the curb. Aren't you tired of the same old results? Don't you ever want to be free and happy? Don't you want to finally stop your mind's unproductive, boring, never changing thought patterns that aren't making you happy or positive? Now's the time. SO - DO IT! I know you CAN!
    Try controlling your thoughts in each moment, that's all we have any way. So when you get a negative thought - flip the switch - and in that moment choose happiness, joy, gratitude or any positive emotion instead of the negative. YOU HAVE THE POWER! Do this and you will get - without effort or pain - all the info you need so you can do what you need to do to manifest what you want and need - whether it be love, prosperity, career, good health, abundance, etc.
   It's all possible now - but choose your thoughts wisely. It may not happen overnight but you WILL sail towards your goals on easier waters and get what you need along the way. What you think helps you navigate to that more positive place where you are finally connected, happy, content and in the flow of the positive side of life.
    Personally I am navigating to even higher dimensions and believe me it's like a Disney A ticket ride (do they still have those?) - disconcerting, thrilling, unsettling, yet based in high energy wisdom which is making me happier and more carefree in all areas of my life. I experience trust in every moment. I am in awe at the uplifting consciousness of Oneness that is supporting me. I feel it ebbing, flowing, vibrating me deeply and profoundly. Yea!
    So what is the 5th dimension (5-D) and why is it important? You already know 3-D. It makes things appear solid and have form in space. This is because 3-D moves in 3 directions. 5-D moves in 3 directions (like 3-D) but time is included and moves in 2 directions at the same time - That's 5-D. This means we are open to the Light (which is comprised of Love) and can get supported by that Light any time we need or want it. We are happier. We see things more clearly because we all have access for our energy to move bi-directionally through time (past and future) to gather (or know) the info for what we need. This means if you stay in the Light with positive thoughts things your life will be easier - NO MATTER WHAT! We are provided for in every moment. We are led to our next step effortlessly. SO PLEASE STAY POSITIVE. We are in this uplifting cycle of understanding, justice, respect for all things and the positive, heady world of connecting and being supported by consciousness. Sweet relief after these long hard years - so vibrate your joy!
     One last thought...We need to be part of the solution to make our world a better place. That means Evolution not revolution - and also knowing that God, the Universe and the Earth Energy is taking over to meter out well-deserved Justice against the negative forces driven by power and ego rather than for greater good of all. So quickly get rid of anything that takes you away from positive thought. Just know that everything is being taken care of. This is how we all can help Consciousness overcome the negative and evil - in your own life, as well as everywhere else. I love you. I'm standing beside you.

Remember you are your own best psychic.
Trust your gut feel!


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