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Linda's Predictions for May/June...
(which may mean absolutely nothing)

    Shifting. Shifting. Everything is shifting towards the Light. Boy... have you felt all the negativity? I know negative energies abound all around us right now and are manifesting changes in the universe, the earth and through every one and every thing on this planet.     Negative energy bubbling up in anger and sadness all over the place. The earth is certainly letting off its steam with earthquakes and volcanoes. Humans are letting off steam too. Many people and pets are leaving the planet. People are feeling lost, depressed and sometimes not even knowing the reason why - but just feeling it.
    However there really is a reason. On a personal and global level. Personally, we must pay attention to what is making us feel negative and then find the way to let it go. We have to make room for the positive energy shift that is replacing this negative one. Even if you can't discover why or what makes you feel negative, make a move towards the positive and release the negative feelings anyway. We are going through this cycle so that we can make energetic room for the uplifting cycle of understanding and Light that has started to come in.
    A place of justice, respect and where we love and honor each other - no matter what. A time when the shift for the greater good of all is now starting to happen. We WILL have a better world. Un-working old systems will collapse around us. To make this come faster stay in the Light and stay positive. At the same time don't deny the negative things that are happening - just don't take it personally or emotionally to a negative level. Look for peaceful ways to stop the negativity. Don't be lazy and buy into the thought that you can't do anything about it - on a personal level you can - STAY IN THE LIGHT.
    Here's some predictions for the next coming months...World government systems and elections will show exactly how much power the people have. The power WILL be equalized. People will start to realize after being saturated with consumerism that 'buying' does not fill the heart with anything steady and lasting - so you will see retail sales start to dip over the next couple of months. Real estate prices and house sales will also dip. Stocks and bonds, the monopoly game of the 1%, will fluctuate but will not really affect the people.
    The environment is adjusting itself as the people of the planet merge together to do what they can to protect the environment that sustains us and keeps us all healthy. The biggest medical scam in this century is coming to light with Big Pharma and Western Medicine being proven that they cause more harm than good -- except for fixing broken bones and other procedures that limit harmful pharmaceutical drugs. Bad science is also being brought to Light with testing not being done by independent labs. Political corruption and money taken to extend a private company's agenda is also coming to Light as people are taking the power back - and we are.
     If you want love (add, change or delete) come from the place of what you can give and not from lack. This will support the energy shift you need to help you get where you want to go...and please get rid of expectations. It is so important now not to live in the past or future ---but to live each moment fully. That will help us in every aspect of our life, especially in these shifting times.
     So stay in the Light and let your love shine towards everything -- no matter what -- and especially towards anything or anyone causing negativity in your life -- this is the way we win positive energy for the greater good of all. Remember Love IS the strongest weapon. I love you.

Remember you are your own best psychic.
Trust your gut feel!


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