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Linda's Predictions for September/October...
(which may mean absolutely nothing)

    Okay...OKay...OKAY!! Enough already! Is that what you are saying? And NOW Mercury is in retrograde for much of September! You know what that means...NO! It's NOT anything bad, just delays and little electric problems to make sure you look at the source, not just the surface. This energy wants you to take a deep look at and understand where it is really coming from. Then let go of all the snags that have kept you mired down and away from the joy, laughter and Light that is rightfully yours. Think of this time as the final pieces of a puzzle being put into place. Once you see the whole picture it will be perfect...maybe even magical...so look for it.
    In spite of the snags, and delays, if you are in the Light you will be given what you need and you'll gasp at how quickly resources will come to you and how soon the problems will be rectified. But, if you hold on to negative thoughts it will take you longer to rectify the problems - so that old saying applies here,"I laugh in the face of adversity!" And you can. Do you know why? Because God (and whatever you want to call God is all right with me), the angels and the Beings of Light HAVE got your back - NO MATTER WHAT!
   Things will be moving quickly and that includes time. We are being propelled to a place of higher consciousness where respect, integrity and truth rule. If you are not of that genre and are just into power and money I feel sad for you because you will be missing the boat and maybe, just maybe, there will not be another boat that you can get on for a long, long time. So come over to the Light side!
    Whatever you dream is all possible now but it will take some work. So be clear in your vision, and for Heaven's sake broaden that vision to include more than just you-- please, please - don't be selfish or come from ego.
    I want to remind you that health issues can pop up unexpectedly within these next two months so make sure you are taking care of yourself physically. Be extra careful with your food, water, rest and exercise. Use herbs and natural medicine more than Western Medicine. Drug companies are messing around even more with the manufacturing of drugs and not in a positive way. I predict massive recalls and a world calling for a reduction of drugs being prescribed so we can save our animal, fish and plant life, our air, water, soil, AND OURSELVES. Drugs are out of control. Polluting everything, everywhere. Hardly ever curing, just masking symptoms. When you take prescription drugs you excrete them out into our water, which pollutes the earth. The water treatment plants do not take these prescription drugs out of the water. Our ocean fish are now showing up with blood pressure medicine, antidepressant and other drugs within their bodies - and we are eating them. Drug pollutants are everywhere. So try to at least eat organic as much as you can because Big Pharma has sold our planet out for profit. So just say NO to ALL DRUGS and Vaccines!
    You'll find many people and animals are leaving the planet right now. Try to remember it's okay, they are going to a better place. Death eventually comes for us all so it is just a transition time. We WILL see them again.
     Love will appear out of nowhere when you need it...a lover, friend, child, family member, pet...it doesn't matter where love comes it is the Light so don't quantify it with "I need a particular kind!" To minimize the negative, the only thing you can do right now is live in the synchronicity of the moment. When opportunity comes ride your carousel horse and grab that brass ring...it's yours for the taking.
    So hang on, let go, be in joy and Feel, Know and Trust that things are happening for the highest good -- Why? Because it is. May Love be the wind before, behind and around you and stay in the LIGHT!

Remember you are your own best psychic.
Trust your gut feel!


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