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Linda's Predictions for November /December...
(which may mean absolutely nothing)

     Wow! This is surely the time to REALLY take a look at old patterns that we are continually trying to pass off as things we 'have to', 'should' or 'need to' do. Here's a hint...If the things you are doing have worked in the past but aren't working now - easily and without effort - then you can be about 95% sure they are NOT going to work. Period. Especially if you are being willful and obstinate and insisting on doing things in the same old way - and in all cases - this especially applies to keeping your same old negative emotional patterns.
    Clear your mind clutter, look for new solutions and go for it. Stop fighting to stay in the status quo - move, move, move in a new way. Make sure you Live and wait for the Synchronicity Of The Moment too. Your gut will tell you what to do - AND - if you do this without fear plus totally feel, know and trust that things are changing for you in a positive direction - THEY WILL. Remember God did not take you this far to drop you.
    This is all a cosmic exercise to get you stuck out of old patterns that are no longer going to work for you. Period. Change the pattern. Change your life...and please give up the expectations and the fear - and if you do in mid-December you will have the opportunity to turn your life around in a positive direction - for the long term AND be supported every inch of the way without much effort. Finally! We have all been waiting a long time for this. However remember your fear and expectation can (and probably will) hold you back until you give it up. When you do your path to the Light will be clear.
    This applies to all areas of life - health, abundance, career, relationships - even the stock market, real estate and all the dangling participles of life.
    Let's take a look at the health and welfare of people in general...You have to be very vigilant to not let the scare tactics of the medical industry, governments, or the negative news media (or anyone or anything for that matter that has a private agenda to gain wealth through propagating fear) in trying to convince you that you are going to get a disease or illness. It ain't happening folks. Just take care of your body and keep your immune system high - believe me you will be all right. Feel, Know and Trust this. Remember the right side of your brain IS a powerful thing -and it can accomplish almost any thing.
     Another thing that you should be aware of is that many large scale known food companies are buying up organic companies. This is to try and muscle their way into the growing profit of the non-GMO world. They are and will be changing ingredients and unless all the ingredients are certified GMO free - you will probably be getting some GMO ingredients in your food. Because the U.S. is not getting on-board with mandatory labeling so we can make conscious choices -you will have to be your own health detective to minimize GMO foods in your diet.
   'Where's the Money?' Make sure you're keeping your money 'energy flow' moving. Let's stop for a moment and think of the word 'free' as it pertains to sales, services and products. Money is an energy of exchange. If one person is getting something for free and the other is getting nothing - then the energy of equal exchange (otherwise known as giving and receiving) is one-sided, stagnant and dead energy. Dead Energy can not be recycled for positive money flow in either direction. So instead of looking for 'free' this holiday season - buy local to support your neighbors and look for 'value at the right price.' Feel good about paying money - since you ARE keeping everyone's (and your) money flow open with a steady, continual flow that WILL come back to you.
    Happy Holidays and Good Blessing to All. May your true wishes on what you need come true. The positive shift in Consciousness and Circumstances (especially for those who practice Truth and Integrity in the Light) is right around the corner.  Feel, Know and Trust it!   

Remember you are your own best psychic.
Trust your gut feel!


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