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Linda's Predictions for November/December...
(which may mean absolutely nothing)

Hold on to your hats folks. The 1st two weeks of November will be a little 'pesky'. That's exactly the word. Negative energy will be poking at you in the moment you think everything is all clear and in the Light. Then WHAM! something will come in to side track you away from your goal. But the laugh's on the pesky negative energy because if you keep in the Light and make sure you are protecting yourself, and mentally (and perhaps physically) whisk away those annoying, pesky negative energies then you will not be daunted from your task at hand, but will be accomplishing more than you expected.

The GOAL is to stay positive in the next two weeks because POSITIVE ALWAYS CONQUERS NEGATIVE. Don't let fear or disappointment get in your way - go beyond that to feel, know and trust that everything IS all right in every moment of every day. After the 2 weeks of annoying pesky energy things will mellow out and run smoothly for the rest of the year.

Some of you will get a windfall of money from unexpected sources; some will find their health improving; some will get closer to Spirit; some will find relationship issues moving towards a positive direction. Whatever it is that you need will start to manifest for you. However it will manifest faster if what you are aligned to do is encompassing service for others. If it is something you want that is ego-based or just for your benefit -- well you might not get it if that's your only purpose.

At this time we have to understand that we are NOT islands. We need to reach out (and sometimes physically get out) and mingle with other people. New times are a 'comin and only when we support each other will we be able to make a difference for ourselves and others.

December will be a magical month filled with the promise of things ending correctly with wondrous new beginnings spreading forth like beautiful butterfly wings soaring you to new heights. Extend your hand and heart out in community this holiday season. Bring joy to people you know and those you may come in contact with. Remember even a simple smile conveys joy. If you go beyond yourself you will finally start to bring in the life, contentment and abundance that you have been wanting for a long, long time. It's right around the corner so get very, very positive.

This Holiday Season don't come from the money angle - come from the Spirit angle. Homemade gifts are great. Schedule community gatherings with your friends and make gifts together for friends and family. Keep things simple and heartfelt. Most of all during November and December don't let the negative things in the world around you bring you down. We are connected. We hold the Light. We make a difference.

The world outside might be escalating in negative thoughts, deeds and actions but it CANNOT touch you if you are in the LIGHT. STAY IN THE LIGHT. Look forward to the New Year where many wrongs in this world will be spiraling to be resurrected in the way they are supposed to be - to serve the whole and not just a few individuals. Remember we make a difference. Hold the Light in your Heart and share it as much as you can. We are one and what you give, you WILL receive. Much Love and Light to you throughout this joyous holiday season.

Remember you are your own best psychic.
Trust your gut feel!


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