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Linda's Predictions for August/September...
(which may mean absolutely nothing)

    Hang on to your hats -- the game is about to change. It is so important to stay in the Light and fight negativity within and around you to stay balanced, centered and be creative in order to surf the waves of change. Keep in mind that negative always conquers positive and don't be thrown by the inept and ineffective words supposedly coming from high places. Remember God (and whatever you want to call God is all right with me) is always in ultimate and final control. So to help in these times of change we must throw the negativity to the curb and actually laugh (or Hum - immediately transports you up to the Heart Chakra and maybe beyond - depending who you are) at the proposed adversity that is being thrown at us. It cannot last. It will not last. We are moving full speed ahead towards the Light.
     Does this mean that the negative forces will just disappear and no longer tempt us with negativity of the opposite side? No. They will still attempt negative words, deeds and actions - but one, by one, by one the positive will overcome the negative. The issues will be brought into the Light. The Light will triumph every time. Believe and you are helping to make this happen.
    The Housing market will start to come down in September. New innovations in housing people will start to be realized and the scaling back of home purchases will start driving down the cost. Moves and changes around the home can and probably will be realized in the next couple of months. Understand that no matter what the change is - it will be more beneficial to you in the long run more than you can ever realize now. Even if you didn't want the change.
     Jobs and career changes are coming back - so if you are looking for employment or want to change jobs start in August. This is so it can manifest by the end of the year. Don't expect much gain in large salaries though. The top wants to continue to keep the money and most of them are not willing to share. But if you feel compelled to change do it anyway if its right for you it will happen. If not, it won't.
    Stocks these days are filled with scams so if you decide to go into stocks don't go into long term funds and watch closely so you can make your move to get out sooner, rather than later. Bonds are a little more stable but I am not sure if there is any major money to be gained (and more to be lost) in these next two months. Stocks and Bonds are gambling and the rule of thumb these days is if you can't afford to lose the money you invest - DON'T INVEST. Credit Unions are better than banks these days because you are the shareholders. Banks use your money to support the 1% (themselves) rather than you - and they do not always invest in ethical or 'green' ventures. We can help clean up this mess if we apply our money wisely into things we believe in and help support each other. We were successful with organic food - even regular companies are now going organic - and we can do it again when we do not support the powers that be or its systems.Every dollar counts.
    As far as love. It is all around us. You can improve your relationships now by getting out of yourself and looking at things from the other person's perspective. Since no two perspectives are exactly the same (people are all raised differently) it's a good exercise to jump into the other person's shoes before you take any action. New love should be just around the corner if you do not get into your own way. Stop judgment. Throw away the laundry list. Stop expectations and free fall into love --give love a chance. Not only relationship love - but love on all tables - family, friends, pets, plants. There is always enough love - so spread it around. Make people (and yourself) feel good. I know you can do it - so just do it!
    Things will be moving fast so get balanced and surf the positive waves to add happiness to yourself, the earth and the Universe! As always Lots of Light and Love on your journey.

Remember you are your own best psychic.
Trust your gut feel!


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